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Julia Smila

Your Wellness Expert 

I always liked the idea that we can be stewards of our Health and Wellness, that we have power over our genetic potential, and studies prove that we have.


In my over 10 years Biohacking Journey, I’ve learned that we can measure and manage our Health and Wellness to achieve high levels of vitality for longer. 


I think that Biohacking and Health Optimization starts with the right Mindset - our Health and Wellness is our responsibility. Once you have this Mindset you are ready to move forward in the right direction.


I believe that a Holistic Wellness program must take under account the Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, and Physical aspects of the human condition. Total healing of your physical body is not possible without healing your emotional, mental and energy body.


As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I do not treat anything specifically, I offer a complete system which addresses each tissue and cell in our body simultaneously and far outperforms treating something specifically or managing symptoms.


My program includes products and techniques for supporting all pillars for longevity - diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplementation, energy healing. I customize Wellness Protocol according to the client’s Metabolic fingerprint, and suggest to follow it on a daily basis, as well as retesting for tracking results.


The big part of Biohacking is innovative technologies. At BiohackingCongress we collaborate with hundreds of HealthTech and BioTech companies which allows me to stay updated and explore the most advanced longevity technologies.


Although I explore and use many innovative technologies, I put spirituality first, and believe in a harmonious combination of tech and the capability of the human body for promoting people's Health-span, and Well-being.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner 


Pranic Healer, Advanced Level 


Wellness Meter

Lack of symptoms does not mean you are healthy, and I can explain you why  many people leave under chronic stress without any symptoms for a long time, I mean months and years.


In general if someone has any symptoms or conditions like allergies, acne, infertility, insomnia, headaches, fogginess, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, Inflammation, pain, low sex drive, PMS, irregular cycles, depression, anxiety, excessive weight gain,  they manage symptoms until they feel fine.


Really managing symptoms does nothing for building a health foundation, strong immune system, hormone system balance and other systems' balance. In some time symptoms can come back and worsen. Then people need to take more pills, to feel well again. Then they get diagnoses based on their symptoms and treat them, still doing nothing to coach up vital reserves and functioning.

As an FDN Practitioner I have one diagnosis, “Metabolic Chaos®”. Obviously, it is not a medical diagnosis but represents a model that is used to explain the effects of chronic stress and provide direction and motivation for healing.  Metabolic Chaos® is a result of imbalances in different systems of the body -  Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Energy production, Autonomic Nervous systems, and  Oxidative stress.

While other coaches can stack on symptoms and ignore a holistic non-specific approach,  I want to know why symptoms present to identify healing opportunities and provide the keys to help you actually get well and stay well, naturally!

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Let's create your personalized Holistic Wellness Protocol

Julia's Purpose

My purpose is to teach people how to manage their own health and wellness to prevent disease through stress reduction. I teach how to assess, feel, and understand your own body.

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