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Personal Program for Optimal Health and Wellness

  • 120Days


Onboarding session Ordering Labs (SHP, MWP, MBA, GI-Map, MRT), MT online test Labs results Session #1 (MRT, MT) Labs results Session #2 (SHP, MWP) Labs results Session #3 (MBA, GI-Map) Personalized Diet Plan Personalized Rest protocol Personalized Exercising Protocol Personalized Stress reduction Protocol Personalized Supplementation Protocol Correlation session each 2 weeks *In the 4 month Program are included Test Kits: 1. SHP Saliva Stress & Hormone Panel to identify phase of HPA Axis, Adrenal dysfunction, Cortisol dysregulation, progression to Metabolic Chaos. 2. MWP Urinary Metabolic Wellness Profile to assess Digestion, absorption of protein and other nutrients; Detoxification systems; plus Oxidative stress. 3. MBA Dry blood spots test to assess for Mucosal Barrier function in the Digestive tract - any possible increased permeability (often referred to Leaky Gut). 4. GI-MAP Stool Gastrointestinal Screening to assess the balance of Microbiome; identify pathogens, parasites infections in the Digestive system. 5. MRT Blood Food Sensitivity Test to identify foods that produce inflammatory responses - one of the most prevalent hidden stressors. 6. MT Online Metabolic Typing test for evaluation of interrelationships among the Autonomic Nervous System, the Oxidative System, and 7 additional physiological parameters that influence body chemistry.

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