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Cellular inflammation caused by toxins is the root of weight-loss resistance and hormone problems

Updated: Jan 23

Sometimes, diet and exercise don’t work, no matter what you do; the pounds of fat just sit there. This can happen because of too many stressors such as chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that trigger obesity genes and disrupt our hormones, making weight loss impossible. This, in turn, comes along with other health challenges.

Weight-loss resistance and hormone problems have become a new epidemic in today’s society. The root of these health challenges is cellular inflammation caused by toxins.

The solution is not to give more hormones. Although that seems to be the common answer today, it’s not the real, long-term fix. We have to detox the cell to get well.

Every cell has thousands, perhaps millions, of receptors. Even to absorb a vitamin like Vitamin D, the vitamin has to attach to a receptor on the cell membrane.

When hormones come into contact with receptors, they bring a message to the cell. Then the nucleus in the DNA starts to make other hormones and chemicals that we need to feel well.

For example, when thyroid hormone connects and brings its message into the cell, you have good energy. You’re an efficient fat burner, and you feel good. When it doesn’t connect, you don’t feel so good.

The modern solution is typically to give more thyroid hormone; however, the real problem is that the thyroid hormone cannot connect its message into the cell.

The same is said for insulin. For Type 2 diabetics, it’s not a problem of needing more insulin; they have plenty of insulin. The problem is the cell can’t hear or receive the message from insulin.

The same goes for leptin, the hormone that tells your brain to utilize its stored fat for energy. That hormone is blocked from getting its message into the cell because of systemic cellular inflammation. That is why people are not able to lose weight despite what they eat, despite how much they exercise.

The inflammation is on the cell membrane, and it blunts or blocks the receptors. Now the cell cannot hear the message from thyroid hormone, from insulin, or from leptin. As you can see, the answer is not to give more hormones.

Here’s a simple analogy: when we shout at our kids, it works in the beginning. So does giving hormones. It gets the message across. What happens when we continue shouting at our kids? They stop listening, or they become less and less sensitive to what you’re saying, so that doesn’t work. The same goes for hormones. The cell literally becomes more deaf to the hormones. It’s not a long-term answer. Ultimately, what we have to do to get our kids to listen, in this case, we have to do is detox on a cellular level, get toxins out of your environment, and reduce inflammation. It will fix the cell, change that DNA back via methylation and detox, and turn off those obesity genes or turn off those bad genes that are triggered.

The two major causes of inflammation are glucose and toxins. You have to control glucose, exchange your grains for others, or get rid of them completely. You should also get rid of refined sugars. Sugars and grains can both drive major inflammation. Avoid saturated and trans fat, as they also drive inflammation. Find more tips in my Blog Post “Improve Your Metabolism & Reduce Insulin Resistance”.

Toxins are a significant issue. 

Like never before in the history of mankind, we are now exposed to numerous types of toxins that induce cellular inflammation. Glyphosate is the number one herbicide used, and it’s ubiquitous in our society because it’s in all the foods that we’re eating. It causes leaky gut, but it also drives cellular inflammation. There are numerous toxic sources, as even our cosmetics contain BPA that not only drives cellular inflammation but can change your genes and even turn on obesity genes.

There was a great study at Stanford University where they took certain toxins and exposed them to identical twin mice. They turned on the obesity gene in the mice. It didn’t matter what they ate; it didn’t matter how much they exercised. Those mice would not lose weight no matter what. Sound familiar?

Bottom line: when you fix the cell, you can change that DNA back via methylation and detox and turn off those obesity genes or turn off those bad genes that are triggered. Fixing and detoxing the cell is the key.

Hormone resistance is why people don’t feel well today, and giving more hormones doesn’t work. The idea is we have to reduce inflammation, fix the cell membrane, so the hormones can start to communicate with the cell again, and get the good stuff in to make you feel better.

Here are two products that I use to support my body’s natural ability to detoxify:

1. Cell Defender. It is the only micronized and activated zeolite colloidal suspension in the world. It is the original colloidal clinoptilolite zeolite product and is supported by over a dozen clinical studies - including trials published in peer-reviewed journals. The zeolite is like a tiny, negatively-charged cage that pulls in a variety of toxic substances in the body and forces their excretion. This includes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.), mold, as well as volatile organic compounds (benzene, dioxin, etc.). This process results in a healthier environment throughout the body as a cleaner and healthier body fixes itself. Cell Defender is 100 percent natural and non-toxic - and safe for long-term use. Take 5-10 drops 4 times per day the first month and then 5 drops once per day for 4-5 months, then again 4 times per day.

2. Nano Silver. This silver is not like most silver. Most silver available on the market today contains silver ions. That type of silver is in an atomic state and has no crystalline structure. The technology contains a nano-sized crystalline metallic core made of .9999 pure silver, surrounded by a silver-oxide coating (silver and oxygen combined together). This skin-like coating gives the silver its stability and unique properties unlike any other silver technology. This creates nanostructured spherical silver in a form that is perfectly suitable for human consumption. The Spherical Silver Nanoparticles have the size and shape (7-10nm spheres) needed to: Move safely and effectively throughout the whole body; Can be applied anywhere on the body; Is naturally effective for several days; Ideal safe and effective natural preservatives. Supports detox, healthy immune system; gut and microbiome health.

For sure, these supplements work best along with the proper Diet, Sleep, and Exercise. Incorporating infrared saunas into your wellness protocol is also always beneficial to support detoxification.

Find recommendations for General Healing Diet in my Blog Post

However, even the most effective detox protocols, which include the supplements I mentioned above and lifestyle changes, can be effective for some period of time. But we cannot empty the tab if water is still running. So, we really need to get toxins out of our environment.

There are four main ways toxins enter our systems:

  • Ingestion: Water and Food

  • Inhalation: Air pollution

  • Absorption: Through the skin

  • Injection: Infusions, allergy shots, shots

🔴 Join us at the Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Faena Hotel, Miami Beach, to learn science-based strategies for detoxification on a cellular level. Discover the 4 Pillars to Detox approach, which will help you and your family get the jumpstart needed for healthy living.

Sending Optimal Health & Ultimate Wellness,   

Julia Smila, FDN Practitioner

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