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Healthy skin is a reflection of overall Wellness

Of course, taking care of your skin itself is important, but as you pay more attention to your internal care, you might find that you need fewer external treatments. The secret to more youthful, radiant skin is working from the inside out.

UV radiation and Environmental Stressors number one factor for skin aging

Although, I believe that we have to build our beauty from the inside out. I have to mention at the beginning the main external factors for skin aging - UV radiation and environmental stressors like pollution, second-hand smoke, harsh weather, free radicals, artificial light, and EMF.

That is why, talking about healthy skin, first of all I want to remind you about Next Generation Sunscreen Bio-Shield SPF 40 by my favorite skincare YoungGoose. It can protect your skin not only from UV rays but also against ALL environmental skin damage stressors. Beyond protection it is one of the best moisturizers and makes skin tone more even.

If you want to prevent aging of your skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, you should use Bio-Shield SPF 40 by YoungGoose outdoors in any weather and indoors as well because studies have shown that pollution levels are higher indoors than outdoors.

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But, as I stated, external factors are not the only cause for skin aging. You may be surprised, but I consider the ultimate product for healthy and glowing skin is not any cream. It is a product for your gut health.

Duke Researchers reveal the powerful connection between your Gut, Skin and Brain, they discovered the cells in your gut, skin and brain are constantly talking to one another. And researchers from Charité University Medicine Berlin, Europe show the signals are going back and forth. Your gut, skin and brain are chatting with each other.

Unique Feedback Loop - The “Gut-Skin-Brain Axis”

Your gut contains 500 million neurons, your brain has over 100 billion, and your skin has over 35 billion cells. The connection between the skin, gut and brain appears to be mediated by the immune system. Which makes sense, because research shows 70% of your immune system is located in your gut.

Think of this connection like a constant Feedback Loop. And messages get sent around like:

  • A signal from your brain to your gut to start producing stomach acid when you think about eating.

  • Your cheeks flush red when you feel embarrassed, or you have a skin outbreak when you’re under crazy amounts of stress.

  • When you feel “butterflies” in your stomach, that's the brain sensing trouble and letting your gut know about it.

If you’re eating the wrong foods, your troubled gut can send the wrong messages to the brain and affect your mood. Just like a troubled mind will send the wrong message to your gut, an unhealthy gut can lower your immune system, which may trigger skin issues.

Experts Call This Unique Feedback Loop The “Gut-Skin-Brain Axis”. And it’s not just what you eat that can affect the connection of your gut, skin and brain.

Unhealthy Gut Microbiome Can Disrupt The Gut-Skin-Brain Connection

Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes. That means when there’s a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria, the neurons between your gut, skin and brain communicate really well. And the connection and signaling is clear. You’ll be feeling energized, clear headed and have a glowing complexion.

However, when there’s an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, it causes the gut microbiome to become unhealthy. And creates a “wild fire” in your gut that spreads the wrong messages across your body.

Now when the wrong messages get communicated from the gut to your skin and brain - you can guess what happens next. Skin outbreaks like blackheads, acne, cold sores. And even more wrinkles, itchy skin and emotional issues like depression and anxiety.

Gut-Skin-Brain axis Disruption

This is ALL happening at the cellular level INSIDE your body. Which explains why it's virtually impossible to fix your skin from the “outside” – no matter how many creams, moisturizers or lotions you rub into your skin.

So in order to have clear skin you must have a healthy gut and mind, to have a healthy gut you must have a balanced mind. And the best way to do that is by repairing your gut microbiome so you can easily repair your gut-skin-brain axis.

Functional Assessment and Supporting Microbiome

As an FDN-P I always recommend my clients to run G.I. Map stool test. This test gives the best overall view of gut health. It looks for a whole host of specific organisms (both good and bad) that may reside in the gut including unwanted bugs and pathogens. If these bugs and pathogens are found at this lab, pathogens eradication with special supplements will be needed. It also signals me to look for a bigger issue going on outside of the gut.

If you do not have the result of your GI Map yet, taking MegaSporeBiotic by Microbiome Labs can be a good solution for you to support a healthy microbiome.

MegaSporeBiotic isn't actually a probiotic at all. Instead, it blends 5 powerful Bacillus spores that have been clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function and overall immunity. Spores help recondition your gut by promoting microbial diversity while maintaining key health-promoting gut bacteria. Plus, it has a 5-year shelf life and maintains efficacy during antibiotic therapy. And since it doesn’t require refrigeration, you can easily travel with a bottle or carry it in your bag for easier daily access.

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Always chose whole organic food over processed food for supporting healthy Microbiome. Include green veggies in your diet as research shows that leafy greens contain a specific type of sugar that helps fuel growth of healthy gut bacteria. Additionally, leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, are excellent sources of fiber, as well as nutrients like folate, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A which support healthy skin - collagen protection, lighter skin color and other benefits.

Additionally I would like to highlight other factors that cause rapid skin aging:

  • High blood sugar creates advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) which break down collagen.

  • Lack of estrogen also causes rapid skin aging because collagen needs estrogen to stay healthy and strong.

I’m going to describe it in detail in my next article, stay turned.

  • Stress can affect your skin more than you might think.

When you experience any kind of stress your brain sends signals to your body to release catabolic hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. And these hormones can have a negative effect on your skin making it more oily and prone to flare ups. It can also cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

Your emotions have a huge impact on how you look, when you’re feeling happy and relaxed, your skin is more likely to stay healthy and vibrant.

However, there are many other kinds of stress than emotional stress. At my Ultimate Wellness events at Faena, I usually describe in detail all kinds of stress and give recommendations on how we can manage them. Join us at the next event to learn more, RSVP

Sending Optimal Health & Ultimate Wellness,

Julia Smila, FDN Practitioner

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