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Pranic Healing
Practical Workshop

Faena Hotel, Miami Beach

Our wellness derives not only from physical health but also from mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Cultivating a healthy spirit involves participating in a community to share love, knowledge, support, and mutual growth.

We are establishing a space for Pranic Healers to gather and practice together. Through consistent practice, one becomes increasingly sensitive and confident in the art of healing.

This gathering is designed for you to harmonize your bodies, tranquilize your minds, and nourish your souls. Take this opportunity to relax, recharge, reconnect with your higher self, and go with the flow.

The program includes Pranic Healing practice, Meditation on Twin Hearts, Breathing, Movement, and Sound Healing in Tierra Santa's Hammam.

Join our conscious community to activate our highest potential for healing and manifest the life and projects of your dreams.

We eagerly anticipate your presence.

Tierra Santa Healing House at FAENA Hotel

 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33140



5 - 6 pm 
Warm-up with Resistance Bands focused on improving posture for better energy flow. We will provide you with yoga mats and bands. Please wear clothes suitable for the yoga class.

6 - 7 pm 
Meditation on Twin Hearts. We'll propose that the entire group sends blessings to each participant's wish written in the notebook. You can bring the notebooks you use for journaling.


8 - 9 pm
Sound Healing at Tierra Santa Healing House’s Hammam.  You will immerse in oneness with the divine vibration of sound bowls and mantra meditation resulting in advanced healing and inner peace.

7 - 8 pm
Pranic Healing Practicing. Your practice can be focused on improving any aspects of your health and well-beeng, as well as on removing obstacles that keeping you from moving forward. 

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