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Health Journey

Let’s be honest, self-improvement can be daunting sometimes. There are endless products and programs available, and it can be hard knowing where to start. How often have you tried a general recommendation that just hasn't worked for you?

Many practitioners focus on one or two pillars like Diet and/or Exercising but usually this isn't actually enough to help the body move from a state of malfunction to normal function and that's why those strategies don't work or don't work for a long time.

I find that a frequent set of recommendations is to eat more protein and exercise more. But someone who needs to eat less protein and exercise less may exhibit really similar symptoms to the person who needs to eat more protein and exercise more.

As an FDN-P, I reveal my client's unique metabolic fingerprint, and recommend individualized Holistic Wellness Protocol which includes all Pillars for Your Health Optimization and Longevity - Diet, Rest, Exercising, Etheric Hygiene, Stress reduction, Supplementation.​

Good Vibes & Kind Words from 
Happy Clients

💃 "The #UltimateWellness Retreat is the perfect reset. It’s not only relaxing but also educational and truly inspiring. I feel more connected to my mind, body, and spirit than ever before, and I now have many tools to improve my health and continue to grow in all aspects.  My mother and I enjoyed our weekend together at the luxurious Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, and I cannot recommend this retreat enough, regardless of your age or prior knowledge of wellness. It will be truly amazing for anyone. Julia Smila @julia.smila and Augustina Caminos @agustina.freespirit are knowledgeable and passionate facilitators who are a pleasure to learn from.

💫 As an important part of the Ultimate Wellness retreat, we had the enriching experience of completing the Basic #PranicHealing workshop and becoming certified Pranic Healers. This empowered me with ancient techniques to balance my energy body and promote self-healing.

🌹 I am a personal client of Julia’s, and she has completely transformed my life. Julia guided me through a comprehensive functional assessment using carefully selected labs and skillfully interpreted the results. I now have a deeper understanding of the imbalances within my hormone, digestion, immune, detoxification, and nervous systems. She suggested a tailored holistic health protocol for me, encompassing detoxification, dietary adjustments, supplementation, exercise recommendations, stress management techniques, regenerative peptide therapies, and some innovative biohacking devices. Since implementing this protocol, I’ve felt more balanced, energized, and vibrant.

💫  The Ultimate Wellness approach is genuinely holistic, addressing not only my physical well-being but also nurturing my spiritual, emotional, and mental health.” - Jemma Junor

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There are 3 main Steps when I work with Clients:

Spirit Emotional Mind Body Connection


A comprehensive investigation with well-chosen functional lab testing and history taking

Holistic Wellness

Customized Programm

Personal drugless holistic behavior protocol for supporting the body's innate healing ability based on the lab results and information about client story, complaints, symptoms

Stress Management


Client adopt the self-care model, then in some time we track results, and correct the program

Let's create your personalized Holistic Wellness Protocol

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Root cause of all disease is genetic potential exposed to internal and external stressors. We can not change the  DNA, but we can reduce all kinds of stress to influence epigenetic expression.

My approach is investigating healing opportunities, laying out a thoughtful program of action for stress reduction. And walking beside clients on their journey with course correction as needed.

There are 3 kinds of Stress which we want to reduce:


fear, worry, excitement, anxiety, relationship issues, covertness, negative perceptions, bad attitude, existential angst, lack of purpose, hopelessness.


wrong dieting, inflammatory foods; pesticides, herbicides, GMOs; alcohol, caffeine, medication, recreational drugs, chemicals, metals, radiation, EMFs,  OTC meds, exogenous hormones; parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses; allergies, overactive immune.


trauma, fractures, muscle injuries, nerve compression, repetitive or positional injury, intense and prolonged exercise, poor posture, sleep depletion, chronic illness.


Measurement is the key, I do not guess. With each Client I run selected functional lab tests to identify all possible HIDDEN stressors within Hormone, Immune, Digression, Detoxification, Energy production systems, and Oxidative stress.

By running labs we can document the current state of Health. It is a good starting point and motivation for the Client to act responsibly. As well as the opportunity to truck results in some time on re-testing. I order labs and Clients get tests' kits at home. 

Selected Labs to Run

Stress and Hormones Profile (SHP) by Fluids iQ 

Type of Lab: Saliva 

This test provides insight as to what is going on in the body in relation to stress & hormone production, and looks for key indicators of any immune system dysfunction. It measures cortisol levels and the pattern it follows throughout the course of a day, and also evaluates for any sex hormone imbalances. Cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) is essential for the proper function of several bodily systems, but too much of it can cause issues & is often directly related to hormonal imbalances.

After the careful history taking  and comprehensive functional assessment, I create for You a Personalized Protocol for Stress reduction which includes all pillars for Health optimization and Longevity: 

Stress Reduction
Etheric Hygiene

One-on-one Health Coaching Program

Choose the Plan which works best for You

  • Functional Assessment & Program

    Personal Program for Your Optimal Health and Wellness
    Valid for 3 months
    • Onboarding session
    • Ordering Labs (SHP, MWP, MBA, GI-Map, MRT)
    • Labs results Session #1
    • Labs results Session #2
    • Labs results Session #3
    • Diet Plan
    • Fitness Plan
    • Detox Protocol
    • Supplementation Protocol
    • Stress reduction Protocol
    • Consultation each 2 weeks
  • Retesting & Program Correction

    Retesting and correlation after running the initial Program
    Valid for one month
    • 2 Lab Tests (SHP & GI-Map)
    • Holistic Wellness Protocol
    • 4 Online consultations


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