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Pranic Healing

Balancing Energy Body. In-person meeting at Miami Beach, or remotely

  • 1 hour
  • 89 US dollars
  • Remote or In-Person Session

Service Description

Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden Laws of Nature. Pranic Healing is a science that uses Laws of Nature to heal the energy body and as a result the physical body as well. Every single cell in your body is 0.07 millivolts of electricity, and you have 35 billion cells. Multiply that and you as 2,45 or so trillions of volts of electricity in your one body. You are walking nuclear explosion. This is where the chi energy comes from, this is where reiki healing energy comes from. It is extracted directly from the cells in your body, it is not a mysticism, it is real. When you understand how to tap into the energy meridians in your body and extract the energy directly from the cells in your body, and focus them, you now have healing powers. Pranic Healing presents a unique approach used to treat a variety of ailments, from fever to heart conditions and cancer by tapping into pranic or "ki" (chi) energy - the universal force which is our life force. Does it mean that the Pranic Healing can help with severe conditions if there is no other treatment? No. However, it can help to remove energy blocks that are one of the causes for the condition, so it will force the recovery. Pranic healing for example can help to prolong time and quality of the life of cancer patients. It can help to raise the vital reserve of patients who are waiting for surgery, if there is an additional time needed before Medical Doctor and other staff is ready. So in addition to such pillars for your health optimization as: Diet, Rest, Exercising, Stress reduction, Supplementation, Positive thoughts and emotions, Human relationships, You should consider Etheric hygiene and healing your energy body.

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