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Resistance Training

Gym at Faena Hotel, Miami Beach

  • 45 min
  • 180 US dollars
  • Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Service Description

Resistance Training isn't just about losing weight, improving posture, mobility, and strength; confidence, and empowerment; it's about improving your Metabolic Health. To run (or bike or swim) or lift—that is always the question. If you have time, you can certainly do both aerobic and resistance exercise; you'd experience more robust improvements than you would doing either cardio or weight training alone. But in the end, most of us devote our limited hours only to the activity that yields the greatest benefit. The overwhelming majority of research that reveals the insulin-sensitizing effect of both aerobic and resistance exercise indicate that, minute for minute, resistance training may be superior in improving insulin sensitivity. So, if you have only one hour in a week to exercise, resistance training will have a higher return on investment. This is a result of the respective changes in muscle mass that accompany each type of exercise; resistance training increases muscle mass while aerobic does not. The average individual muscle is the largest organ in the body; it is your Metabolic Health and Longevity organ; muscle is also the largest destination for insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. If we have more muscle, we have a greater area into which we can deposit glucose from the blood, thus lowering blood insulin which lies at the heart of diabetes and numerous chronic diseases that regrettably plague our modern society. Resistance training is for everyone. Some women avoid resistance training for fear of becoming too bulky; for most women, this simply does not happen. When a man resistance-trains to fatigue on every set, he will get stronger and his muscles may become dramatically bigger. When a woman resistance-trains to fatigue, she will get stronger, and her muscles will grow a bit and become more defined. Why the difference in size between men and women despite similar relative intensities? It's hormones—the sexes have distinct hormonal cocktails in the blood that dictate the anabolic effects (growth) of the muscle with resistance training. Nevertheless, irrespective of size and strength improvements, 60 minutes of resistance exercise in a week can improve insulin resistance more than 60 minutes of aerobic exercise.

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