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High Tech Approach to your Cellular Health

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

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Frequency Medicine

The human body is composed of 30 trillion cells, and every second, 3.8 million cells are formed. Healthy cellular function means your body is operating at its optimal levels. However, in today's world, filled with pollutants, toxins, the wrong diet, the words we say, and the thoughts we have, all these factors impact the cells being created.

Moreover, during aging, the levels of various harmful substances increase in our bloodstream and cellular fluids, such as insulin, various proteins, peptides, metabolites, and hormones. These substances have the potential to damage our cells and contribute to the development of a continuous state of low-grade, systemic inflammation associated with aging, commonly referred to as 'inflammaging.'

The elevation of these inflammatory factors can be attributed to a range of mechanisms, including the presence of senescent cells, dysregulated microbiomes, leaky gut syndrome, aging immune systems, chronic pathogens such as viruses, mitochondrially-derived proinflammatory substances, and more.

To improve and maintain true health, we need to keep our cells healthy. As with all hallmarks of aging, simple lifestyle changes can positively impact your cellular health: Avoid toxic chemicals such as air pollution, pesticides, and heavy metals; Eliminate smoking and alcohol intake; Avoid pro-inflammatory foods like sugar and trans fats; Increase your intake of antioxidants; Prioritize quality sleep; Stay active. Specific natural substances can reduce age-related low-grade inflammation, such as fisetin, pterostilbene, lithium, alpha-ketoglutarate, and ginger.

However, as you may already know, I believe in a harmonious combination of low-tech and high-tech approaches to our health. Beyond simple lifestyle changes, there are high-tech approaches to improving health such as Frequency medicine, a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy that is beginning to revolutionize healing.

Every ailment, illness, and state of health has a specific frequency—one that we can interact with and provide instructions to. There are numerous forms of frequency medicine, ranging from essential oils, flower essences, crystals, sound bowls, and binaural beats, to various frequency medicine technologies, including PEMF mats, light frequencies, and magnetic frequencies. However, for genuine cellular health we should utilize Microcurrent Frequencies. By utilizing microcurrent frequencies, you can now empower your body to restore vitality to your life force and create instant changes within your cells.

A healthy cell's voltage is measured at -70 millivolts. Now, think of our cells just like batteries in a flashlight. When you leave the flashlight on, the battery loses its life force, and the light dims. The same happens to our cells in our body. However, by utilizing microcurrent frequencies, you now have the power to restore vitality to your life force and create instant changes within your cells.

How does it work? Your cells have receptors outside of your cell that act like antennas. They are connected on the inside to the genes that make the cell do whatever it does. In your liver, it produces enzymes; in your pancreas, it produces insulin and enzymes; and in your brain, they transmit messages from one cell body to the other. They all work the same. These receptors transmit to the genes inside the cell and give direction to what the cell needs to do. When something influences these receptors, it is like a key in a lock turning the cell on.

For example, let’s look at the inflammation process... something has influenced the "antennas" on your cell, giving it instructions to create inflammation. Now you can take an Advil that would take a couple of hours, but it would turn the cell off like the key in the lock of your car to turn off the cell creating inflammation. Or you can use microcurrent frequencies and instantly create change like a key fob; with the click of a button, the door is locked.

It has been scientifically proven that microcurrent frequencies:

  • Increase ATP. ATP stores energy in the cells. ATP is produced in the cell by the mitochondria, often called the energy currency of the cell because this molecule plays a key role in metabolism, particularly in energy transfer within cells.

  • Enhance Protein Synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process by which proteins are formed to build cells. It means the creation of physical life, following the central blueprint which is stored as DNA in each of our cells.

  • Facilitate Amino Acid Transport. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein synthesis.

If you are interested in exploring the most advanced and science-backed strategies for longevity, join us at the upcoming Ultimate Wellness Retreat at the FAENA Hotel in Miami Beach. At the retreat you will have the opportunity to explore Personal frequency device Healy to balance and support your body's bioenergetic field by activating and influencing the body’s natural healing codes via frequencies.

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