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LiteWater - The “Fountain of Youth”

Lite Water Hydration

💦 Water is the most essential and revered nutrient for life, but not all water is equal.


Aging can be considered the result of corrupted cell voltage and impaired cell-to-cell communication. The body consists of trillions of cells working harmoniously. If a small energy deficiency arises in any cell, it can cause greater imbalances upstream. This "snowball effect" leads to the gradual unwinding of the mortal coil.


One of the secrets of youthfulness is increasing your cellular energy and optimizing metabolic function. Mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, operate optimally on the deuterium-depleted water they produce. Water inside the mitochondria is 60-70% deuterium depleted. To level up our energy, we need to level down deuterium.


Deuterium is a heavier isotope of hydrogen. Due to deuterium’s heaviness, its binding ability can distort the shapes of proteins and enzymes and bind to other molecules, inhibiting their ability to function normally. Although deuterium is a naturally occurring element, excess levels can have detrimental effects on mitochondrial health, which impacts cellular energy production.


The two forms of heavy water (written as HDO and D2O) containing deuterium will freeze at slightly higher temperatures than H2O (0°C) and boil at slightly higher temperatures than H2O (100°C). A liter of 97% deuterium-depleted water will be almost 300 mg lighter than regular drinking water. You can see it on a good scale!


Shortly after deuterium’s discovery in 1931, Gilbert N. Lewis, professor of chemistry at Berkeley, was the first to observe how “heavy water,” when frozen, would sink instead of float like normal ice water. He also noted that it strongly delayed the reproduction of microbes and inhibited seed growth. More researchers discovered and observed that the splitting process of sugar with yeast is nine times slower in heavy water.


Deuterium-depleted water is the standard for water purity and this is too important to be overlooked.


Deuterium Negatively Affects the Body:

  • It disrupts mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells.

  • It breaks down our ATP nanomotors which produce all of our body's energy.

  • It distorts the shape of DNA, enzymes, and proteins.


Key Benefits of Deuterium Depletion:

  • Increased energy levels: More ATP = more cellular energy

  • Improved longevity by supporting your body's natural repair and maintenance processes

  • Enhanced vitality and youthfulness by protecting the DNA, mitochondria, and cellular integrity.


Our cells have an elaborate system for filtering out deuterium to minimize its damage, but this becomes less effective as we age. Additionally, modern lifestyles and diets have elevated deuterium levels in humans. You can assist your mitochondria by drinking deuterium-depleted water and minimizing consumption of high-deuterium foods. 


High deuterium foods are typically those with a higher content of sugars, grains, and unhealthy types of fats. Here are some examples: soft drinks and sodas; candy and sweets; processed desserts (cakes, cookies, pastries); white bread and pastries made with refined flour; pasta made from refined wheat; fast food items; packaged snacks (chips, crackers); processed meats (sausages, hot dogs); high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) containing products; alcoholic beverages, especially beer, wine, and spirits made from grains. 


By altering your diet and lifestyle and consuming deuterium-depleted water (DDW), you can reduce the body’s deuterium levels and begin to reap benefits that may include optimized energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, performance and recovery, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune response.

💧Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) is a major discoveries for natural sports and performance enhancement in the 21st century.

Deuterium-depleted water Litewater Scientific

DDW is emerging as a promising strategy to mitigate the harmful effects of elevated deuterium levels. It is increasingly recognized as a crucial element for maintaining optimal health and vitality, representing a significant shift in the understanding of water purity standards. Litewater Scientific is among the first to bring this science to the public's attention and is dedicated to offering a practical solution for health-minded individuals providing the world’s first super deuterium-depleted water.  🙌 Tap into the benefits of deuterium depletion, get the product at

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