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Essential Fluid that requires Circulation

Updated: Apr 2

Lymphatic System Lymph Fluid Detox

Our bodies contain three times more lymph fluid than blood. Unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart to pump blood throughout the body, the lymphatic system doesn't have a central pump like the heart. Instead, lymph fluid is moved through the body by the contraction of muscles, breathing movements, and the rhythmic contractions of lymphatic vessels themselves. This movement helps to circulate lymphatic fluid. Additionally, the one-way valves within lymphatic vessels prevent the backward flow of lymph, ensuring it moves in the right direction.

Your lymph plays a vital role in the body's immunity to disease. The system builds immunity by producing special white blood cells, called lymphocytes, that produce antibodies responsible for immune responses. Its complex network of fluid-filled lymph vessels continuously bathes cells and carries away the body's 'sewage'—toxins, metabolic waste products, globules of fat, and excess liquid—to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are the body's filters, trapping and neutralizing these harmful substances.

Because there is no organ to pump lymph fluid, it must rely on the movement of muscles to circulate. Every step you take helps facilitate this process. The less we move our bodies, the more stagnant the lymph system becomes. Additional contributing factors include illness, chemicals, pesticides in our food, and toxins. With today's sedentary lifestyle, combined with issues such as constipation and diets low in nutrients and fiber but high in trans fats, sugars, chemical additives, and preservatives, our lymphatic systems can become overloaded, congested, and clogged.

Most ailments can be linked to the lymphatic system and a compromised immune system.

According to women's health research studies, 80% of women have sluggish lymphatic systems. Because congested lymph fluid 'sticks' to fat cells, many experts believe that lazy lymph is directly connected to the formation of cellulite. Getting the lymph running smoothly is a key to easy weight loss, looking good, and feeling great.

Moreover, any body systems connected to the element of water not only reflect our physical body but also relate directly to how we process and move our emotions. The lymphatic system is a mirror of how we embrace the flow of emotions and our ability to express feelings of sadness and grief. It is very important to keep the lymphatic system healthy in order to release grief and stay well.

So, what can we do to keep our lymphatic system healthy?

Here are some ancient practices and tech that I have found effective, so I want to share them with you. * Some of them are not suitable for pregnant women or individuals with certain medical conditions. Always consult with your MD.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Kriya serves as a massage for your lymphatic system. Specific movements, enhanced by the 'breath of fire,' mechanically stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping the lymphatic system transport toxins into the blood before they are detoxified by the liver. I learned this technique from our Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gema, at Tierra Santa Healing House, Faena. At our Ultimate Wellness retreat at Faena Hotel, Miami Beach, you can learn from Gema personally.

PEMF biohacking device

I often sit on my mat during my meditation, relaxation, or breathing sessions. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy increases blood and lymphatic circulation, and waste products are hauled away from the cells more efficiently. I have heard from some biohacking enthusiasts who tried PEMF machines that it is very intense and can be harmful. However, I want to assure you that with this mat by Higherdose, which is designed for home use, it is safe and you will feel comfortable.

Infrared Pad by Therasage, Biohacking

Healing Pad by Therasage. It features full spectrum, deep penetrating infrared heat, with natural jade stones to generate negative ions and grounding therapy. Soft and flexible, comfortable to lie on or wrap around your body, this is not like any heating pad you've ever used. Conventional pads use heating coils and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, or EMF. Such products only heat your skin. Infrared Pads relieve pain, increase circulation, and naturally remove harmful toxins.

Dry Brshing Detox

Dry Brushing. It is a manual lymphatic drainage technique that stimulates the superficial lymphatic vessels located just beneath the skin, helping to move lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system to the lymph nodes located in specific areas of the body. You always want to direct lymph fluid to the lymh nodes, so brushing has to be done with a particular technique and sequence. You can combine dry brushing with hot and cold showers for better effects. The hot water helps dilate the vessels, while the cold water shrivels them, creating a 'pump' action.

Location of the Lymphatic Nodes:

  • Cervical lymph nodes: Found in the neck region, including both superficial and deep cervical lymph nodes.

  • Axillary lymph nodes: Located in the armpits, these nodes receive lymphatic drainage from the arms, upper chest, and breast.

  • Inguinal lymph nodes: Situated in the groin area, these nodes receive lymphatic drainage from the lower extremities, genitals, and pelvic region.

  • Supraclavicular lymph nodes: Located just above the collarbone (clavicle), these nodes can be associated with lymphatic drainage from various regions, including the chest, abdomen, and arms.

  • Paraaortic lymph nodes: Found near the aorta in the abdomen, these nodes receive lymphatic drainage from abdominal organs.

  • Mesenteric lymph nodes: Situated in the mesentery, the fold of tissue that attaches the intestines to the abdominal wall, these nodes receive lymphatic drainage from the intestines.

  • Popliteal lymph nodes: Located behind the knees, these nodes receive lymphatic drainage from the lower legs and feet.

Lymph Nodes Location and Structure

Himalayan Salt Natural Deodorant

Himalayan Crystal Salt Deodorant Spray. As I mentioned above, there are lymph nodes located in the armpits which help filter lymphatic fluid from the arms, chest, breasts, and upper back. I recommend to use natural deodorant which does not contain toxins. This aluminum-free deodorant, made of 100 percent pure coarse Himalayan crystal salt, mineral salts, and purified water, offers 24-hour protection. The spray can also be used on feet to eliminate odors. I purchase one gallon bottle and then just refill small bottle with the sprayer to minimize plastic use.

Himalayan Salt Sole Detox

Himalayan salt sole. Himalayan salt and water solution that, when taken daily, helps balance your body's pH while infusing your system with 84 minerals and trace elements. This special type of salt has a unique combination of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, that help to stimulate circulation and detoxify the body. As a result, it can help to flush out toxins, reduce puffiness and bloating, and help keep your skin healthy. Additionally, it helps to balance blood sugar, acts as an antihistamine that fights allergic reactions, and boosts energy levels.

Here are the directions on how to use Sole: Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Himalayan salt crystals in a jar or glass, and fill with good quality water. Let sit overnight. When the salt stops dissolving, the sole solution is ready. If all the salt has dissolved, add more. Salt crystals should always be visible at the bottom of the jar. Each morning, before eating or drinking anything else, add 1 teaspoon of sole to 8 ounces of filtered or purified water and drink. For best results, wait 15- 20 minutes before eating or drinking. Always keep the sole solution in a sealed container. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, the sole will keep forever. You may keep adding water and salt to your sole, as needed. If you have health conditions, please consult with your doctor.

Additional recommendations about food and drinks that everyone can benefit from:

  • Eat superfoods that promote lymph flow. Consider trying the perfect Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation bundle by Purium, which I highly recommend.

  • Drink clean water, up to half your body weight in ounces per day, to further cleanse your system of toxins. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs., aim for 80 ounces of water daily.

  • You should also consider drinking herbal tea that stimulates lymph flow, such as licorice, ginger, burdock, and dandelion.

If you feel the need to restore your lymphatic system, consider working with holistic lymphatic therapists for lymphatic drainage therapy, which uses low-frequency sound waves to stimulate the lymphatic system. At our next Ultimate Wellness retreat at Faena Hotel, Miami Beach, we will have with us Elaine Kroytor, a holistic lymphatic therapist with an extensive 25-year journey dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of countless individuals. Join us!

Sending Optimal Health & Ultimate Wellness,

Julia Smila, FDN Practitioner & Pranic Healer

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