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Strategies to boost stem cell growth and regeneration naturally.

Strategies for Longevity

Stem cells are rare cells, scattered around in the body, that produce new, differentiated cells.

Hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow create white and red blood cells, mesenchymal stem cells produce fat cells, bone cells, cartilage cells and connective tissue cells, liver stem cells generate liver cells, satellite stem cells maintain and create new muscle cells, and so on.

Stem cells are very important, and very powerful. In fact, your whole body was created out of one super stem cell, namely the fertilized egg cell that nestled itself in the womb of your mother. Our body is continuously rebuilt and replenished with new cells that derive from stem cells.

When we get older, our stem cells become dysfunctional or they die off. This leads to our tissues being far less replenished with new, healthy cells. Additionally, during aging, some dysfunctional stem cells take over the existing stem cell pool. These stem cells are dysfunctional because they do not maintain the tissues properly, but they reproduce faster than the normal stem cells, outcompeting them (this process is called “clonal expansion”).

When stem cell function declines, this leads to far less healthy cells to replenish and build up our organs. Also, when our cells are less replaced with newer, healthy cells, this leads to further accumulation of damaged cells. Processes that lead to this decline in stem cells are fundamental aging processes, like epigenetic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, decline in proteostasis, DNA damage, and other forms of damage in the stem cells. Also, changes in the environment in which the stem cells reside, such as an increase in circulating inflammatory substances, also contributes to a decline in stem cell function.

So how can we promote regeneration of the stem cells?

Stem Cells Regeneration

Stem cell therapies are heating up in the anti-aging and regenerative medicine worlds. It helps to repair damaged cells within the body by reducing inflammation and modulating the immune system. It really has the potential to treat a wide range of diseases, and turn back the clock on the normal aging process.

However let’s delve in the strategies to boost stem cell growth and regeneration naturally. Fasting is one of the powerful techniques to boost your stem cells’ regenerative capacity, and it is natural. But you have to learn how to do it properly. Especially if you are a woman.

If you fast for 3 days, only then you enter ketosis properly and all kinds of repair mechanisms kick into action, including a reset of your metabolism, and even repair and regeneration of your stem cells. You can try fast for 3 days at the start of every new season. If you have Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or diabetes, you could do more regular 3 day fasts, like every month or so, especially in the beginning. Keep in mind that on day two, the hunger has often subsided considerably, and people are better able to concentrate because ketones are now used as fuel.

If a 3 day fast is too long for you, try a 24 hour fast. That is the minimum amount to switch from a glucose-fueled metabolism to a fat-ketone fueled metabolism after glycogen reserves have depleted, which takes around 24 hours.

24 Water Fast boosts the intestinal stem cells’ regenerative capacity, according to a new study from MIT biologists. The researchers found that fasting dramatically improves stem cells’ ability to regenerate, in both aged and young mice. Intestinal stem cells are the source for all new intestinal cells, so this can help to recover from gastrointestinal infections or other conditions that affect the intestine, like Intestinal permeability, leaky gut, malabsorption.

Moreover, 24 Water Fast triggers Autophagy, the process by which cells cleanse themselves. Our cells are constantly recycling cellular garbage. However, Senescent or Zombie cells reach the end of their lifespan but don't die, instead, they accumulate with age, and they cause aging. Research indicates that fasting, calorie restriction, and ketosis can all trigger autophagy, and it comes with a number of health benefits, including reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and reduced inflammation.

Additionally, 24 Water Fast raises Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is a very important anti-aging, fat burning hormone, and muscle building hormone. You can pay thousands of dollars to get HGH injected in you, and there are also side effects when it is injected.The use of synthetic HGH for anti-aging is not FDA-approved actually. Or you can boost HGH indigenously through your body which is safe and gives benefits.

I usually do a 24 hour Water Fast once per month during the menstruation phase or during the ovulation phase. Fasting for cycling females during these phases is safe because our metabolism is slower, our energy needs are lower. During the other phases I do not recommend fasting, calorie restriction or a low carb diet at all. If you do not do it at the right time you can harm your hormones.

Regarding calorie restriction, it is worth mentioning that it involves reducing your average daily caloric intake below what is typical or habitual, but without experiencing malnutrition or depriving yourself of essential nutrients. Essentially, this means excluding junk food and consuming only high-nutrient-dense foods.

If you are beginners and just starting to practice fasting, you can explore Intermittent Fasting and observe its effects on your body. There are numerous variations you can experiment with, but always prioritize listening to your body.

I can recommend a perfect snack for intermittent fasting that will help you maintain your fast because it won't disrupt it – ENERGYbits®. These nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, high-protein, plant-based algae tablets curb hunger and enhance focus naturally, without the use of chemicals, caffeine, or sugar. They maintain your fasting state while still providing essential nutrients. Spirulina offers immediate energy, while chlorella supports gradual energy buildup. You can purchase top-quality organic products from ENERGYbits® with a 20% discount using the promo code SMILA.

When you interrupt your fast, have a small meal full of nutrient-dense foods, and chew your food well. Go celebrate your achievement at your favorite restaurant, order some soups that contain protein and easily digestible carbs. Avoid soups made with heavy cream or a large amount of high-fiber, raw vegetables. Also avoid nuts and seeds, including nut and seed butters, alcohol, red meat, and foods which are problematic for you personally.

Warning: Fasting or Intermittent Fasting for menstruating females should be adjusted according to their female biorhythm and hormone cycle. Fasting during the menstruation phase is safe because metabolism is slower, and energy needs are lower. Fasting is also acceptable during the ovulation phase. However, during the other phases, I do NOT recommend fasting or following a low-carb diet because it can harm your hormones.

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Sending You Optimal Health & Ultimate Wellness,

Julia Smila - Consciousness Entrepreneur, Biohacker, FDN-Practitioner, Pranic Healer

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