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Stress Management
Workshop & Retreat

FAENA Hotel, Miami Beach
July 27th, 9 am - 9 pm


💃 Join us for a transformative one-day practical workshop 'Stress Management' where you can escape the hustle and bustle, allowing yourself to unwind, recharge, and rediscover inner harmony amidst the luxurious ambiance of FAENA Hotel, Miami Beach.


💫 Engage in powerful practices tailored to help you manage stress effectively, facilitating a holistic journey of self-care and balance. You are designed to operate at your optimal potential, and our aim is to remove any obstacles that hinder this by alleviating all forms of stress. By doing so, you empower your innate intelligence to naturally heal and rejuvenate your body, enabling you to thrive.


✨ Our workshop features an enlightening educational lecture on Holistic Health and the Stress Response System, spanning all realms - the Spirit, Emotion, Mind, and Body. This comprehensive session equips you to identify various internal and external stressors in your environment, ranging from toxins to energy disruptors, empowering you to effectively manage them. 


🎁 Additionally, attendees will have exclusive access to Faena's state-of-the-art wellness facilities, including the sauna, steam room, hammam and ice chamber and cold plunge. These amenities provide the perfect complement to the day's activities, offering opportunities for detoxification, rejuvenation, and sensory renewal.


🌹 We have limited spots available; hurry up to reserve yours!

Tierra Santa Healing House at FAENA Hotel

 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL, 33140

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Welcoming Circle and Morning Yoga with breathing and chanting mantras. Meet the group and your coaches, tune in to the flow state, and set up your intention for the workshop. Embody it while straightening the muscles, releasing tension, and reconnecting with your higher self.

  • Educational Lecture on Holistic Health and Stress Response System across all levels - Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical; Causes of various types of stress and effective stress management strategies.

  • Panel discussion on Stress Management for a successful career.

  • Ancient practices for balancing your energy body, reprogramming and recharging your mind, nourishing your soul, and releasing tension in the body where stress is stored - so you can activate your highest potential, and create the life of your dreams.

  • Additionally, our guests will have the opportunity to explore Biohacking technologies.


Meditation on Twin Hearts, proven to promote the expansion of positive energy into your physical and emotional well-being. We'll propose that the entire group sends blessings to each participant's wish written in the notebook. You can bring the notebooks you use for journaling.

9 - 10 am 

10 am - 1 pm

2- 5 pm

5- 6 pm

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6- 9 pm

  • Wellness experiences at the luxurious Tierra Santa Healing House SPA, including Lymphatic Pumping, which impacts not only interstitial fluid balance but also other aspects of overall homeostasis.

  • ​Sound Healing at Hammam led by certified Pranic Healers - immerse in oneness with the divine vibration of sound bowls and mantra meditation, resulting in advanced healing and inner peace.

"It was a truly rejuvenating day. Thank you for creating a safe haven that inspires holistic wellness and divine health."

Good Vibes & Kind Words from Our Happy Attendees

"A beautiful day with amazing souls! Thank you!!!"
"An absolutely amazing day! What could be better than being in an environment that promotes holistic wellness?"

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